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I have been creating memorial tribute videos for 20 years. Creation of these videos not only requires considerable expertise  but also speed!  You can't be late for delivery by the time of the funeral.

One of many restorations for Trains and Travel International

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A tribute video is a compelling way to honor a person.  
A special showing at grandmas 75th birthday celebration?
An annual birthday video of your child? Here's a list of ideas for incorporating the power of video.

Video Tributes

When a person passes away, it is quite customary
for family and friends to gather photos of the deceased.
Within a day or two, we can provide a tribute on video
to be shown at the memorial service or the reception following.
Special messages and/or eulogy can be included.

It can be a treasure for the bereaved during a time of mourning
and a way for all family members to share
the photos and memories of their loved one.

Memorial Tribute Videos

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Video Tributes

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Memorial Videos

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If you’ve ever watched the History channel or Biography on people, you should be familiar with the format for a video tribute.
Usually with a voice over telling the story while you watch
photos with movement, thereby giving them life.
Perhaps you’ll see an interview with the person reliving the past.
Or maybe someone who knows or knew the honoree
will share memories during intermingled photos.
A video tribute can take many forms,
from a simple transfer of photos to video with a musical background to the more complex documentary.

We can tailor  your project to your vision and budget.


Family History
Anniversary Milestones
Milestone birthday - personal video history
Childhood through present
Family Reunion
A roasting at a service club
Corporate triumph
Employee tribute
Non-profit organization honoree
Fund Raising

A Montage of Performances by  Clay Meier

Memorial Tribute Video Example

Joel Escalona -

Music Video of his song

" Amor de Miel."

  Shot in Roatan, Honduras